Hidden behind the busy lungarni, upon the hill of the Oltrarno between Porta San Niccolo’ and Ponte Vecchio, hides one the most precious and typical canvasses of the city centre. Costa San Giorgio is unique, extremely elegant and Ancient Street that guides towards the fortress of Forte Belvedere. Miraculously ignored by the great numbers herds of tourists there isn’t any shop there in fact, no bar: just homes, empty steep streets, hidden alleyways, rusty fountains and abandoned churches. There is a magic of silence, the random cats that crawl silently upon the roofs, TV echoes distantly out of open windows. Clothes hang out of windows, flowers rise timidly in the cracks of the sidewalk. It’s a meditation spot, steep walk that lets the mind sigh in contemplation, in the discovery of true homes, true streets, true sounds. While walking up you cross one of Galileo Galilei homes, on number 19, and all the way up, you may cross a side entrance both to the baroque Bardini gardens and, on the right side of the street, a side entrance to the Boboli Garden. Just ahead you will pass below see the beautiful Porta San Giorgio, part of the Walls of Florence, on which you can see a XIV century bas-relief of Saint George killing the Dragon, who is the patron of this area of Florence. Finally, a few metres ahead, you may find the imposing Medici fortress; build as a last source of escape for the family in case of an attack to the city or an uprising.
Though the fort has been long closed because of two infamous incidents along its bastions, it is temporary opened on special occasions and exhibitions. You may want to it check out first, or just take your chances: as you see, they way towards it is just as beautiful.

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Janos Mark Szakolczai

Irrequieto pellegrino facilmente preda della malinconia, Janos vive in un romanzo di fantascienza ambientato tra Londra, Firenze, Budapest e Cork, che in momenti di lucidità proietta sulla carta confermandogli l’appellativo fuorviante di scrittore. Laureato in filosofia, studia criminologia a Cork, Irlanda e sogna di rinascere tigre. Ha pubblicato romanzi e racconti sia in Italia che all’estero.